A Group Advocating for Equality of All Individuals

Being just is behaving according to what is morally right and fair, and also describes an exact moment in time.


At no time should any individual, behaving in accordance with what is deemed just, be harassed or harmed by vicious acts. 



#JustLiving.org is a grassroots movement founded by physicians at the University of Chicago to end intentional violence against the African-American community. We choose positive action. We will not be disheartened.


 We are saddened and deeply dismayed by the inherent fear and hatred that normalizes callous and horrific acts of intentional violence perpetrated against black men.

The murders of black men by private citizens (#justjogging), weaponization of the police against black men (#justbirdwatching), and the slaying of black men by those sworn to police and protect black men (#justtryingtobreathe) are against our core values of inclusivity and respect.